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Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome to EWL -- 2nd semester

I am thrilled looking back on our discussion with Brave New World, plus your creativity with the presentations. You are all so interesting, bringing in rich conversations, questions, and humor. Thank you for sharing.

I will post questions I would like you to respond to throughout the rest of the semester. I will remind you in class when there is a new post and would love for you to email me if you have a question you would like me to post for the class. Here's my email for suggestions: mdavis@lps.k12.co.us Let our discussions move beyond the classroom walls and into cyberspace!

My first post asks the following questions. Choose 1...or as many as you would like to respond to. Don't forget to read what others post and possibly comment, agree, disagree what others say. Join in on our blog answering:

* What do you like about this class, the discussions, your peer relationships?
* What is a fear you have about college in relation to writing, reading? What about the field in which you would like to pursue? How does writing and reading fit into this career path? Are you prepared? How do you know?
* What has Arapahoe education given you? What is it lacking?
*What do you think about the current system of grades and how do we get around it?

These will get our discussions started; I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
~Mrs. Davis


  • My fear for college is not the getting lost or meeting new people, all of that is sooo exciting for me, but im afraid of the work load. I have wanted to become a photographer for a travel magazine my entire life, and when that comes discipline and organization. Im sure i can handle it, but im just scared all get too excited about the whole "college experience" that ill lose focus. At least ill be having fun tho! haha

    By Blogger sam mc, At 8:50 AM  

  • Sam, I feel the same way. I really want to enjoy my time in college, but I'm afraid of getting caught up in it. Everyone tells me that college is a lot of work and it's not all partying, but then every movie you watch you just see people having fun and partying. I guess I afraid of the unknown every college is different and I don't know anyone that it at CU right know so I have no idea what it will be like. I just hope we don't have to read 3 books and write Alis papers every week.
    In Russian History we tried a new kind of grading system where if we participated in a fishbowl on the leaders of Russia then we got points. Before hand we had to collect general backround info. and then we just talked about how the events shaped the country and the leaders. I kind of like this form of learning instead of just memorizing info. I liked to gather what I wanted to learn about and then share it.

    By Blogger Bertram, At 9:59 AM  

  • I also have fears about college, but they are mostly about where I will end up. At the moment, I have no idea what I want to be and I'm scared that it will take a while for me to find it. I feel like the education I've gotten at Arapahoe has been more than great, but it hasn't really opened up ideas as to what I want to be when I grow up. I guess it could just be me because I have experienced a lot of different classes, and I still don't know what I want to major in college. I'm just hoping that I can find something I love without having to change my major six times or add years to my college career.
    I think that the current system of grades is pretty good. I haven't really had problems with my grades so I don't really have any issues. I think as long as the teachers have a variety of different ways to present information and get the class involved, there is a better chance that students won't get bored and will get better grades. My advice is to do your homework. You don't have to be smart to get straight A's, you just have to do your work. You get smart by doing your homework anyways.

    By Blogger Aubrey, At 11:51 AM  

  • I really enjoy this English class because it is more laid back. There is homework of course but it is good that we discuss it as a group and we are able to take group quizzes. It makes it a lot easier to understand the literature. This class is a really comfortable environment so it is easy to discuss and peer relationships are good. I enjoy the group discussions because there is a point to them and we actually get stuff done in this class which is good compared to some of my other classes. I don't feel like I am wasting my time that way. Overall I really enjoy this class.

    By Blogger Dani Branham, At 5:55 PM  

  • I really enjoy this class. Especially because it's not teacher lecture and students take notes. We are able to discuss things respectfully between peers, with Mrs. Davis's input every now and then of course. But we are able to see everyones views without which allows us to see things in a different point of view.
    As for college, I am afraid of the length of the papers I will be expected to write. Everyone says you have plenty information to write, you simply have to decide what to edit out, but I'm not so sure. Reading doesn't really bother me too much, unless it is a seemingly million page text-book with typing so small I'll need a magnifying glass!! haha. I know I would like to pursue something in the medical field. I am thinking of becoming either a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant in the Ob/GYN field. Reading and staying up to date with medical technology and discoveries will be a day-to-day event, as well as writing. I need to be able to skim something and absorb the information, and concisely write in charts. I don't think I will ever feel prepared, even if I am. I know this because i am a victim of the OMT disease (one-more-thing). It never seems as if i am caught up, and i always have something that needs to be done.
    An Arapahoe education has given me the discipline and variety in order to succeed at a college level. Although abused as freshman (and seniors second semester), off hours and open campus is an invaluable gift that Arapahoe gives its students. Being a transfer student from an 8 to 3 school, and being allowed outside of a classroom only with a pass, it has given me the discipline necessary to do well. Arapahoe is basically a small college, but much more close knit. When a student is slacking, or makes a bad decision, it is much easier to help them while in high school. In big colleges, kids tend to get lost in the crowds. One of the few things Arapahoe is lacking is diversity. I'm not saying that Arapahoe isn't open to diversity, because it is, but the halls are not very diverse ethnically.
    I dont have a problem with the grading system, my grade is good so i'm happy.

    By Blogger katie c, At 8:58 PM  

  • My fearMy fear for college is having horrible room mates. I have heard some horror stories that I pray I will not have to encounter. I’m not nervous about meeting new people and the new environment, that’s the thrill part. I can’t wait to hang out and experience things I never have before.
    Choosing my defined major is a little scary, I know that I want to go into fashion merchandizing but I don’t know if I want to go into the design aspect or the business side. The design part really catches my attention but I’m nervous I will not succeed, and I will never become a name recognized designer because that’s very possible. I know I’m just going to have to suck in all my fears and take the plunge, because everyone says college is amazing and I’m not going to miss it.

    By Blogger JGumley, At 9:03 AM  

  • i think this class is a perfect preface to our college life and lifestyle. it is honest and in depth and may even at times be very mature, but it has helped me to prepare for the crazy times at college including which career to pursue. from ahs, i have established and determined i would love to major in psychology basing a career in areas of teen counsaling or something of that nature. i think it is okay to be wavering in the area of selecting a major, there is ample time left to discover what it is you would like to do with your life and career.

    ***as far as EWL, i am having a wonderful time and the class participation helps my knowledge rather than just essays and reading all the time. i have no problem with the grading i think getting involved is a great way to help your grade than just numbers on a paper.

    By Blogger sYdFrOi, At 11:44 AM  

  • I think what goes on in the discussions in class are so beneficial to everyone in the class. Especially with BNW, sometimes the text just didn't make sense to me but I could look forward to asking questions and discussing the books events in class. Also, the opportunity to discuss a book not only with the teacher's insight but also the insight from all of my peers really helps me to better understand what goes on and helps me get all possible benefits from class.

    By Blogger SARAH SMITH, At 11:50 AM  

  • i am really excited for college, the only thing that really scares me is that i'm going to college for a career in which i'll probably do the rest of my life. i'm just get worried about if i'm making the right choice. i want to go pre med or nursing so its a very worth while career, but again it seems so final.

    By Blogger cheryl, At 12:11 PM  

  • I think that this is a great class and I am glad to be taking it. I never have liked the whole essay thing because I don’t think that I write essays very well. This class is a very fun class. I did not like spending the first six or seven weeks on BNW, but I think in the end it was really worth the time because I really learned a lot from it. I like books that have lessons to be learned. The fact that we have discussions is really awesome because sometimes people learn a whole lot more from their peers then they can actually learn from the teacher or they can relate better to things. I think discussions really help to understand the material. The group quizzes are a nice feature as well because then if you really don’t know the answer maybe a friend can help you. As a whole I really like this class and think I will get a lot out of it.
    Now for college! I am really afraid to leave high school and go off to college. I think it will be a ton of fun, but I also think that the work load is going to do me in. I fear that I will get so stressed out because I have too many things to do. I think I am ready though. I will never be ready for the writing essay part of life because I really struggle with writing essays. I can really get my thought organized, but I can’t really put them into a paper that sounds well. I really struggle with the passive vs. active voice thing and using big words. The reading part scares me as well because I never have been really well at comprehending what I read or remembering what I read. I think I will be okay though because the school I am going to is about the same size as Arapahoe. I think it will be a very good learning environment. I want to major in Early Childhood Education and become a preschool teacher. I fear I will have to do a lot of writing and reading in the field I am pursuing although preschoolers don’t know a lot. I don’t know. I am not prepared as of yet, but I know that when it comes at me I will be totally prepared and give it my best.
    Arapahoe has given me a great education, better then I could have gotten anywhere else as far as I know. I have had a great experience going here. It has been amazing, but it seems like just yesterday that I was a terrified little freshman. I love the fact that we have variable scheduling because I can and actually do use the time to work on homework or study. I like that we have the opportunity to really go in and talk to our teachers and get help. It is a great support system because everyone is willing to help and they are so nice about it. I think Arapahoe has really prepared me for college. I feel that maybe it could have more requirements for graduation so that we truly are prepared for what is thrown our way. Overall I really do think that it has been a great experience and has prepared me well. I know I am going to miss it.
    I think that I like the grading system pretty well, despite the fact that I really work hard to get good grades. One thing that I think should happen is at the end of the year all teachers should be required to round up if it is within .5% of the grade. I think that the weighted grade system works pretty well, but it really does depend on the person. If a person doesn’t do well on quizzes and that is a pretty high weight it could really hurt them. I think that the teachers just need to be a little flexible and usually they are. Well I guess that is all for now. I am really looking forward to this discussion. I know we didn’t have to answer all the questions, but it was pretty fun.

    By Blogger erinb, At 12:13 PM  

  • I really enjoy English World Lit. I am very glad i took the class. Taking this class has helped out my writing in everyway possible. I have become more confident with my writing and learned the basic components of writing an essay. This has made me more confident and prepared for college. I really enjoy the discussions in this class, as well. The class discussions have helped me understnad many conpects and ideas, especially with Brave New World. Thinking outside the box of my ideas and others exchanging there ideas with the class, allowed me to better understand the books we read and my peers. This brings me to the relationship with my peers. I think being able to discuss topics, especially some topics from BNW, hepled me feel more comfortable around/with my peers, contributing to my and thier learning. Having a relationship with peers, also brings about interesting and educational discussions.

    By Blogger StaceyBramley, At 1:04 PM  

  • I have really enjoyed EWL. I find the topics and literature very interesting, and have seen my writing improve overall throughout the year. I loved the in-class discussions that were spurred from Brave New World. I though the unique combinations of perspectives from an experienced instructor who has taught the novel many times and my peers who were reading it for the first time, gave exciting insight into the novel, and helped me understand it better as a whole. I like the general format of the class, and feel the homework flow is fair.

    Arapahoe education has given me a pretty solid foundation for my future, I believe, and has prepared me well for college. I have learned not only learned necessary book knowledge from amazing teachers, but I have also learned vital skills for gaining success life, such as organization, planning, time-management, and social cooperation. Arapahoe has given me the opportunity to expand what I know, and given me chances to try new things and experience different points of view that will benefit how I think and solve problems later down the road in life. I have loved my experience at Arapahoe and don’t feel my education gained from here is lacking anything!

    By Blogger nicholeg, At 5:56 PM  

  • College is a scarey but exciting thing, to think we are going to be there in less then 5 monthes is insane. The fear i have about reading and writing in college is that it will be on a totally different level then in high school. I have confidence in my writing now but getting put into a new environment with new faces and people and new teachers, and having to write to their standards is kind of scarey. The field i would like to pursue in college is biology because i want to be a physcians assistant. Writing definitly will be part of this, Biology essay i'm sure will be a huge part of my life, as they are now in AP bio. But being able to write about the thing your passionate about helps, so you can expand your horizons and think outside the box. I feel like i'm prepared for college and the new situation because i thrive in new situations no matter what is thrown at me i will find a way to accomplish it. Reading and writing will definitly be a huge part of my career when i grow up but it will be more dedicated to what i love to do, helping people, not just based on a grade like high school reading and writing seems to be.

    By Blogger Eschulhof, At 7:12 PM  

  • I really enjoy all of our class discussions. Brave New World was not the easiest book to follow and talking about it in class really helped. It helped me understand what was going on and what it meant. I also liked knowing that some parts that I found confusing were also confusing to others.

    By Blogger KatieA, At 7:34 PM  

  • I believe that the current system of grades can be very good at some times, but at other times the grade system given seems to display the input of "busy work" rather than knowledge and understanding recieved in taking the class. This can be fixed a number of ways. One of which, you (Mrs. Davis) are currently doing now. That is creating a grade system that is partially based on the responsibility of the student (whether the student turns his or her homework in on time), and partially based on how well the student actually does on the assignment. This allows for a better look at how much the student actually learns in the class, rather than just seeing if the student is responsible enough to do it. Another way to fix the current grading system is to weight the different categories of the class; i.e. having the "Tests" portion of the grade worth 75% and the "Homework" portion worth 25%. This will also allow the teacher to see if the student has gained enough knowledge to fully understand the material being taugh, and will also show his or her final grade as a reflection of how much he or she learned. One final and more radical approach to the problem would be to do away with most, if not all, of the "busy work" given in the class. This will allow for an even greater look at how much the student has learned in the class, but may be harmful in some ways in that the students may be more on-their-own in learning the material. Basically, Arapahoe's grading system might be a little too easy on the student, but no extremely major changes need to be made in order to correct this problem.

    By Blogger mattb, At 7:36 PM  

  • My fear about college english is the amount of reading that will be assisgned on top of my other classes and the higher level of writing that is requried in college. I think that the hardest thing for me is going to be balancing my work time and play time, adjusting to a new environment and experiencing a different style of learning and living is going to be difficult. I hope to become a lawyer, which is much more factual writing than creative writing, but it requries alot of reading and researching. I think that I am prepared in terms of knowing how to research,and read large amounts, but am not as good at managing my time. I think that learning to sit down, do my work, and read what is assigned to me will be my biggest challenge, because in college even more than in high school, taking shortcuts and doing things without full effort will get me nowhere.

    By Blogger Erica, At 8:14 PM  

  • I have enjoyed this class a lot because I have learned the components of a better paper and have become a better writer. This class has definitely prepared me for college and now I will feel more comfortable writing papers in college. I like how this semester we have been doing a lot of fun projects and group activities. My favorite part would have to be all the discussions we have. They are my favorite for many different reasons. Through the discussions, we are able to share our opinions and ideas. By doing so, we are able to get a better understanding of things and think about things in a whole different way than we did before. I agree with Stacey that through our class discussions I learned a lot more about Brave New World and got a lot more out of it by discussing it with my classmates and Mrs. Davis. These discussions are usually always very interesting too. They make students want to participate by joining in and commenting or just listening. This all brings me to class relationships. I believe that these class discussions have made us all become more comfortable with each other and get to know each other better. The discussions have allowed us to understand what our classmates think and feel about certain issues. We have become closer as a class

    By Blogger ericaH, At 8:20 PM  

  • I'm truly excited for college, even though I am not sure where I'm going yet (most likely SDSU; San Diego St. University). I feel as if it is a new chapter in my life and I'm more than ready to experience it. My biggest fear is that I will get there and sadly enough, not be ready. As far as English goes, I'm very nervous that I will have to be writing 30 pg. essays and reading books upon books every night. After just going up to visit my brother at CU, it is clear that studying as much as I would like to will be a difficult task. There are always distractions and the only true way to save yourself is by having the will to make yourself go to the library because you will have too many other distractions. I will be entering classes such as chemistry, biology, and other science related courses in order to further my career in pharmacy. Even though you may think that there is not that much writing in Chemistry, you must be forgetting about the 6-8 pg. lab reports that are due every week...and I'm just referring to AP Chem here at Arapahoe! Being that I'm not the smartest person in these classes, and chemistry does not come easily to me, I'm scared that it will become too much for me, and I won't be able to deal with it. Therefore, dropping my major and having to start all over again! That would just really upset me because I am set on making pharmacy my career. I think AHS has taught me work ethics. I couldn't tell you what I learned in geometry freshman year, but over the course of my high school career, I developed important work ethics that should benefit me in further pursuits. Being that AHS has helped me to develop these work habits, there is no way I will ever give up in my pursuit to become a pharmacist, no matter how hard it seems. And that is the greatest thing I think I have taken from high school here at AHS. I have developed skills that hopefully will benefit me down the road and I have made a little bit of progress in the journey to finding myself and who I am. Walking away from high school with that, makes me feel very confident and excited to make new adventures in my life. College is going to be AwEsOme! :)

    By Blogger .bgrazz., At 8:24 PM  

  • ~I like the way the class is structured. I adore getting the chance to interact with my peers and work in groups. I have never minded papers, but I much prefer group work. I love the discussion structure because it gives everyone a chance to say what is on their mind in a more relaxed format.
    ~Fears about college? Hmmmmmmm.... I think that it will be even worse reading-wise than Ms. Gerlich's class and I will be staying up until midnight reading four chapters in a text book. Ha ha. Otherwise, I think I'll be just fine. I really have no fears in regard to my major/career path, but I am a bit worried how I will make it without the friends I have made in high school, since, for the most part, I formed a pretty tight niche with a very close group of friends. I mean, seriously, I think I might die if I could not see my best friends every day like I do now.
    ~My Arapahoe education has given me a diverse background of knowledge to keep going forward and keep learning. I am not really sure if anything is lacking, since what I love most about school is the chance to get to see all my friends every day... Well, and the sporting events, but that is an entirely different order of business... Especially boys swimming... Ravage Regis this year, guys!
    ~I kind of like grades. I like knowing where I stand on a scale so I can determine the best way to improve my performance, especially on Physics test and History essays. I think grades are helpful for me, but not everyone likes them. There are a lot of people who know the material but cannot handle tests or papers. I am not really sure how to adjust the system so everyone is happy though.

    By Blogger Deanna L., At 9:05 PM  

  • I think that this class provides a unique way to learn material via discussion. I think that discussion serves multiple purposes; it helps you learn the material, it gives you an oppportunity to voice your opinion, it gives you a chance to listen to different viewpoints, and it provides a way for you to learn something about your classmates and their opinions.
    As far as college goes, I am planning on becomeing an RN and then going to Grad School to become a nurse practioner. I am extremly excited to graduate, but I am nervous about the courseload, I think that I have been pretty well prepared with taking AP classes, using the variable scheduling, and working. So hopefully it all works yout fot the best.

    By Blogger cfitzgerald, At 9:07 PM  

  • My fear, in college, is that my writing is not up to par and since I am not the fastest reader in the world I hope I will be able to keep up, but that should hopefully not be a problem. I am pursuing a business major in marketing, what the fully entails, I don't know, but looking forward to it. I will be attending the University of Rhode Island. It is not a tiny school, it has about 11-12,000 students, so it is pretty decent sized. Am I prepared, I have been ready since junior year, so yes I am prepared. College gives you a chance to branch out and a great opportunity to discover who you are and what you want to do with your life, why not take that chance and go where the wind takes you? It gives you a chance to live on your own in a "controlled" environment, which is just what I need.
    I really enjoy class, you have always done a good job in keeping me interested in a book, which is really hard to do. You break it down and make it easy to analyze. I had a lot of fun with the group projects, there were a lot of neat ideas. I also enjoy the peer discussions, instead of just listening to the teacher all the time, it engages me more into the book and it is more comfortable to talk and voice your opinion that way.

    By Blogger MichelleY, At 9:24 PM  

  • I LOVED BNW discussions. They were fun, interesting, entertaining, and you were able to voice your opinion. I also loved how we analyzed the book slowly and related it to the present day. It made me want to read the book more so our class disscusions were interesting and useful. As for college, I feel I will be attending KU with many things gained from AHS. I know how to approach a teacher during off hours and ask them questions about class discussions. I have gained a wonderful work ethic. AHS offers classes that challenge you, and make you study in order to succeed. However, i feel that through out AHS I haven't really 'learned.' I have more so memorized all my information. Then threw it away 10 minutes after each test. I wish that instead of me saying I am bad with dates, in history, I would have learned them better, and not thrown them away. You feel pressure to 'ace' the test so you memorize the information without actually learning the true meaning behind it. I dont know if this issue was just mine, or if it something that everyone else feels. But other then that I know I am prepared to go to college and experience something new. Its time for me to experiece that rite of passage!

    By Blogger KMGOODWIN, At 9:48 PM  

  • My worst fear about college is my roommate. I am going out of state, so I am going to be paired with someone randomly. My good friend's roommate freshman year was doing cocaine off their bathroom counter so I'm not quite sure what to expect. Overall I'm excited though.
    Arapahoe, and this class especially, has done a good job preparing me for college. I think that other teachers rely too much on powerpoints to teach though.
    Brave New World was a great book to read before we left, because it helped our class realize that some things in society are getting out of hand, especially in the college environment.

    By Blogger RachelM, At 9:50 PM  

  • I really enjoy this class. It is almost like a transition stage for me because last semesters EWL was very difficult due to tons of busy work and this semester is in a much more relaxed state. I love how Ms. Davis teaches the class. She makes it interesting and is not too hard on anyone. The class discussions we have are very entertaining and a great learning tool. Everyone has the ability to put in their own opinions and it makes the class more interesting at times.
    The grading system we currently have works pretty efficiently. I have no problems with it and it seems fair to everyone. The bottom line is to just do your work and you will be rewarded with a good grade.
    Arapahoe has taught me well. I feel that I am ready for college, but at the same time I'm not. I have a lot of growing up to do and living on my own is kinda a scary situation. I have confindence that I can accept the challenge and eventually succeed using all the skills I have learned throughout eighteen years of my life.

    By Blogger abrandts, At 9:55 PM  

  • Let’s see...what do I like about the class? Well this is a very enjoyable class for sure. I like how deeply we delve into text and discuss all its possible meanings. Brave New World was a perfect book to study because it is so controversial. It shows quite a bit of insight to our current society and where our world could possibly be headed due to all of the scientific headway we are making, due to the pop culture, and due to our expensive hobbies and need for constant entertainment. The discussions that take place in class are insightful because we have many different points of view that are shown and also some very opinionated people. On occasion they may get “out of hand” or slightly offensive, but then again what debate doesn’t. It is human nature to argue, and many of us don’t see eye to eye on issues. However it is good for these topics to come out and be discussed otherwise they get shoved under the bed and are never dealt with. The discussions are good. My peer relationships in the class are reasonably close. There are people in the class that I see everyday and am friends with, and there are people that I know only by name and not much more about them. I guess it would be good to break down those barriers before the year is over and branch out into uncharted territory. We’ll see what happens. College’ll rule and that’s that

    By Blogger X2thaZ Xantron, At 10:41 PM  

  • I really do enjoy taking EWL, especially with Mrs. Davis because i actually can learn a lot more from this class then what i have had in my past english classes. What sets this class apart from others? the fact that we don't always have to do busy work, but actually have the opportunity to have class discussions. I enjoy getting to hear my peers opinions because it allows us to see different point of views and gets you thinking outside the box. I'ts amazing to see what we can learn from our peers and yet help us better understand the book by using examples from our society today!

    By Blogger Jenniferk, At 10:43 PM  

  • Like many other people have already said, my biggest fear about college in realtion to writing and reading is that I will not be able to handle to workload. I fear that i will be swamped with way too much reading and writing and will be complpetly overwhelmed by the whole thing. I do not have any fears about the field I wish to pursue(business). I think this might be because I dont really know what to expect, and that I am just going to do what ever is needed to be done. I do not really know hom much reading and writing is needed for a business degree, but I am such that there will be a fair amount that will need to be done. I think that I am prepared for this transition into college...but you can never be sure until you are there.

    By Blogger metter, At 10:48 PM  

  • Although I can't wait to take the next big step in my life, going to college, I'm very nervous about the academic part of it. I feel that all my English classes, especially this year, have helped to prepare me for the writing in college but I am still scared that I won't be good enough to get the grade I want. I am also very nervous that I won't have the reading or studying skills I need to succeed in college. Also, I am going to be studying high school education which means I am not only going to have to be a good writer myself, but I am also going to have to be able to teach my students how to be good writers. Although I don't feel completely prepared for all of this yet, I hope that college will take care of that if I work to my full potential and start with applying what I learned in high school.

    By Blogger JenniGr, At 10:51 PM  

  • What i like about this class is how it is more relaxed and people aren't hung up about "well will this be inappropriate?" we all just say whats on our minds and what needs to be said, honestly, and honest class is a class e can all learn so much more not only about authors and books more, but on life as well


    By Blogger Kahl, At 8:02 AM  

  • Haha, sorry This is Bobbi, I accidently entered my E-mail address as the log in na,e. Anyways i really love this English class. I feel like for once the people that i am surrounded by actaully care about what we are discussing, which makes a world of difference. I really like the idea that we can talk in class as if we where talking among friends, not administrators. We can really say what we are thinking and dont get yelled at for it being "offensive". because life is offensive and we arent going to get anywhere if we cant even talk about it. Anyways i really enjoy the class this year, i really really enjoyed brave new world, and that means alot considering i cant even remember the last book i was required to read and enjoyed.

    By Blogger gutless272, At 12:44 PM  

  • I enjoyed reading BNW because I felt free to speak my mind in the class discussions. I think that this applied to many students. I think that they wanted to read so they could make comments about their feelings and questions for BNW. I can not wait to attend UNC in the fall and have heard from friends that attend already that they felt prepared after attending AHS!!

    By Blogger HP, At 8:48 PM  

  • One of the biggest fears that i have about my writing is that it will not be up to par with college requirements. i keep imagining proffesors saying that a paper I have written is unacceptable because there were too many errors. and since I am still undecided on what field of study I will pursue, I think college wil throw a curveball at me. All i want from this class is to give me self confidence in my writing abilities.

    By Blogger Kelan H, At 9:35 PM  

  • Why do i like this class? well first off its a blast, i can say its one of the few 2nd hour classes i look forward to. My favorite part of the class is the discussions. Becasue of these i get to see how others see the subject. True, these can get a little out of hand but thats what makes it all the more enjoyable.

    By Blogger kit brown, At 8:07 AM  

  • I have many fears about the reading/ writing workload in college. In high school you are constantly being forced to read by quizzes and homework checks but in college a lot of times yu arent even forced to attend class, much less read what you are supposed to every night. The writing i think i can handle because i prefer being able to express my opinion in words rather than regurgitating verbatim answeres out of a textbook on a worksheet. With the absence of a lot ot the busy work associated with high school gone, i think i will be able to concentrate on reading about subjects i am actually interested in.

    By Blogger Kevin, At 8:12 AM  

  • i wasn't sure what the blog was supposed to be about this time. so how was your spring break. i had a good time i went to carlsbad caverns and the alamo then home to louisina . yea it was a good time i really miss it there. anyway see you tomorrow in class

    By Blogger cheryl, At 4:24 PM  

  • Well i think this is a great class. I think that taking this class really gets us ready for going on to college.What we do in this class helps us be creative with our writing and also help us prolong our writing and reading skills for college. The things we do we will really take along with us next year, for where ever we go. I like how we all get in groups and discuss things. I like how we do projects that are interesting. The books and facts we learn are intersting and not boring. I think this class helps alot

    By Blogger Garretts, At 10:11 PM  

  • As a senior with only about a month left (yeah!), I can not wait to get to college. I can not wait to have so much freedom but I fear that it will lead me astray. I like having discussions in class because I know I will read the book so I will have something to say or contribute. I like this class because it pushes me to do my best because know one else cares if I turn in my assignments or not, and I am more willing to turn things in if I have the freedom that this class allows. I like having guidelines (write a twelve line poem) but with freedom to make it my own (about your favorite food). I think Arapahoe has been an excellent path of education for me. I felt like freshman year teachers held your hand and as I got older the slowly let up. I wish I had been required to write more papers about literature, like I will in college. I also wish I had been assigned papers in other classes, like history and business classes. So as I think about packing up and heading off to college I only hope I am able to challenge myself and do well with my Arapahoe education.

    By Blogger EmilyK, At 6:45 AM  

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